The Equipment You Need for Football Training

Football is a familiar sport to many people, many cities, smaller town and even villages having their own pitch. In Europe, this is often the case, as well as South America, but not so frequent in North America, where American football, baseball and ice hockey are much more popular.

If you want to practice football, whether as an amateur or professional, you should consider getting the right equipment. Here is the equipment which can make your football practice better.

Football Shoes – Cleats – Studs

They are often called football shoes, cleats or studs, depending on your region. They are shoes with protrusions on their soles, which stick to a certain type of terrain. For football, the protrusions are usually made of metal. They are made either for wet ground, made from soft metal, or for natural ground, made out of harder metal. That is why sliding tackles with the sole pointed towards the other players’ legs are very dangerous.

These shoes are the best if you are practicing on grass. Have in mind that regular sneakers, or those made for harder terrain, like concrete, are also an option if you are not practicing or playing on grass. They are, in that case, definitely a better option.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are recommended for any kind of contact sport, especially football, where it is more likely that you will run into someone’s studs rather than score a goal. Shin guards are made out of various kinds of materials, from fiberglass, polyurethane, plastic, foam rubber, and in very rare and extreme cases, metal. Don’t expect that you will find metal ones for purchase, however, as they are everything but comfortable. They can protect you from bullets, but you need mobility rather than full body armor.

Active Clothes

Football is a sport where you do a lot of cardio and basically sweat a lot. Active clothes can help with that, as they will keep you breathing and drier than regular cotton clothes. Active underwear is also recommended. Have in mind that active clothes are really good at soaking in unpleasant smells, so washing them right after a workout is also recommended.

A Ball

Chances are that if you are heading out to practice with a team, someone will have a ball handy. If you are going to practice alone, you will definitely need a ball. You can leave the shin guards at home for solo practice, unless you plan on practicing vs trees and wooden dummies.

This equipment is essential for football practice, something that you should have handy, depending on the type of practice and location of said practice. There might be more minor details, yet this is the essential, must-have stuff.