The Best Football Stadiums in Europe – Stadium Legends

Football is very popular in Europe and some of the stadiums are among the legendary ones. Wembley is often known for its capacity and for hosting the 1985 Live Aid, as well as many other large concerts and events, but it is not counted among the legendary football stadiums.

Each club has their own stadium and some of them are known to almost all football fans. Here are those stadiums.

Camp Nou – Barcelona F.C.

Located in Barcelona, this stadium is the largest stadium in Europe in terms of capacity. Sitting at 99,354 available seats, with a planned expansion to 105,000 seats, the stadium is definitely a sight to behold. It was built in 1957 and is F.C. Barcelona’s home stadium. The stadium tends to attract football fans like flies, yet it also attracts people who are not fans of sport. An iconic image tends to do that.

The stadium is easily reachable using the subway, as well as other forms of public transport.


Westfalenstadion – Borussia Dortmund

This stadium is known by another name, Signal Iduna Park. It is by no means the largest of the stadiums in Europe, even though it can host a modest number of almost 82,000 people. Interestingly enough, even though the stadium isn’t the largest one in Europe, it still holds the record for highest average attendance, 1,37 visitors over 17 games, averaging 80,588 visitors per game.

It hosted matches for 2 World Cups, one in 1974, and a more recent one in 2006. It also has the largest standing terrace for visitors, with 24,454 places.

San Siro – A.C. Milan and Inter

This stadium houses two of the biggest Italian clubs in history, Internazionale Milano or better known as Inter and A.C. Milan. Even though at times, both clubs wanted to change home stadiums, none of it came to be.

The stadium houses around 80,000 people and was the host for the 1990 FIFA World Cup and 4 European Championships.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – Real Madrid

This is one of the most familiar stadiums to many football fans, as it has been home to Real Madrid ever since its completion in 1947. It can hold 81,044 people, yet the record attendance was 129,690 people during a match between Real Madrid, of course, and A.C. Milan in 1956. It hosted 4 UEFA Champion finals and the 1982 World Cup final.

Allianz Arena – Bayern Munich

This stadium is quite recent for a home stadium, opened in 2005. Since that time, it has been home to Bayern Munich, one of the most recognizable clubs. It has a capacity of 75,000 people and has hosted a UEFA Champions League final and 2006 World Cup matches.

These are the most popular football stadiums in Europe, each of them in their own right. Fans will argue, as fans often do, that some stadiums are bigger or more iconic, yet these ones will definitely ring a bell with many football fans and some who are not.

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