Fantasy Football – What is It and How to Play It

Everyone loves their favorite teams and will do anything to cheer for them. Many people want their teams to succeed and often criticize the team’s management decisions during the off-season, wishing for different players and teams. Unlike other sports which are less popular, such as Daytona 500, for which you can only find some promotions on sites like, people who love football have another option. Those people often resort to fantasy football and they make their own superteam to battle it out. The thing is, the superteam gains points which correlate to the real matches, every player gets points for a variety of categories.

That’s the simple explanation. Here is a more detailed one.

The Basics of Fantasy Football

Depending on where you play fantasy football, as many sites have their own version of the game, you will need to select your squad. That means selecting players from different positions. Depending on the site, you can usually select 1 goalkeeper, in some cases 2, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards.

There is a minimum requirement of players which you must select in order for your fantasy team to be eligible to compete and earn points.

Once you select your team, you need to select your starters. Once you select your starting 11 players, you should select your captain and vice-captain. Each of these 11 players will earn you points during game weeks.

You can make endless transfers of players before the first deadline, which is before the first game week. Then, you usually get free transfers after every game week. Some sites allow for the transfers to accumulate, others do not. The player prices are based on the value of each player, which can change from week to week.

Fantasy Football Tips

Selecting the best scorers is not the optimal tactic. You need to have a balanced team which should be based on statistics and research. Some players which are great at passing and blocking, defending, can be more valuable than the one-star striker. Strikers do not score every match but a defender might defend and any player will certainly pass the ball at least once.

There are plenty of statistics which count towards your end result. Using them to your advantage is the best way of gathering as many points as you can.

Likewise, changing players is a must, if your team isn’t doing as hot as you’d expected at the start of the season. Have in mind that you should make transfers when they are free, thus saving yourself from losing points.

Choose Your League

Some fantasy sites, most of them, allow you to make private leagues and compete against your friends. That is great, as you get to bring some friendly competition to your own small circle. You are, however, automatically entered into larger, global leagues, so always bear that in mind. Even though you might be competing against your friends, specifically, you will also be taking on the world.

Fantasy football is a great way of using real matches to fuel your own excitement and love for the sport, players and teams. It is a great recreational ability and can bring out the spirit of competition in many people, as well a feeling of fulfilment.