Best New Football Equipment in 2018

This year has seen many products being pushed on the market, but only some of them managed to cause a stir. Here are our top picks for the best new football equipment in 2018:

  1. The Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves

Football apparel and boots have advanced significantly over decades, but goalkeeper gloves have somehow managed to stay almost the same. That is why Nike has decided to introduce the game-changing goalkeeper gloves, the most advanced the world has ever seen – the Nike Mercurial Touch Elite.

The innovative design gives these gloves a slightly different look and feel compared to previous models. The strap was replaced by a flexible wrist cuff and, with the back padding removed, this glove has 66% fewer components than its predecessors. It’s also 47% thinner and 33% lighter.

  1. Adidas x 18.1 Boot

Since their release, the X18 series has attracted a lot of attention and got plenty of positive reviews. One word to best describe this new design is “sleek,” and it can easily be seen that this time Adidas has placed a lot of emphasis on stability and comfort. This boot, unlike its laceless predecessor X18+ does not require a break-in period. It comes with a memory foam padding which adjusts as you step into the boot to provide you maximum comfort. The claw collar is responsible for an aerodynamic look, and the TechFit material provides a tight feel and does not restrict any movement.

SpeedMesh, a unique lightweight material on the upper part of the boot, provides a skin-like fit and it almost seems that you are barefooted when touching the ball. The lacing on the boot goes down the strike zone with a stretchy material over the pronounced bones on the forefoot. Additionally, the boot has a thin plastic layer to increase durability.

  1.     C6 Agility 4th Generation Carbon Fiber Shin Guard

Once you find out that they are called “The Lamborghini of shin guards” you know what to expect. The C6 third generation was already groundbreaking, but their successors are now even better.

They retail at around $145, and the price is completely justified – they are the strongest shin guards available, but also the lightest and thinnest. This means that they are incredibly comfortable to wear and they also provide maximum protection at the same time.

All C6 agility shin guards are hand-made of 100% aerospace grade real carbon fiber without any fillers or plastic, unlike other shin guards. They come in two versions – “speed,” which are smaller and “max,” which are taller and broader, giving more protection. Both are available in small, medium and large sizes.

The main improvement from the third generation is the addition of even more carbon fiber layers, but with improved density. This design allowed the shell to remain extremely thin while making it even stronger than the third generation – which was already incredibly strong. The guard is only 3mm thick, and that’s including the foam backing.

Another improvement is in terms of foam backing, which absorbs as much as 90% of force and improves durability and sweat management.

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